Inflatable Paddle Board - Product photo and video in China

Sup Inflatable Paddle Board Amazon Photo and video Content in China

Professional product videography and photography for Inflatable Paddle Board brand with Western models in china. 

Our studio is located on the tropical Hainan island, the resort city  Sanya. It’s endless summer here and we very often shoot summer products for Amazon.

The shoot took place on one of our beautiful sandy beaches and with two Western models. We did white studio shooting for two variations of this product, a rod mount version and a standard version. Lifestyle photos with two product variations and two models male and female, plus lifestyle Amazon product video.

Our company has been creating lifestyle videos for brands for many years. We have  Western models in our team, and a very large database of modeling agencies, and if our models do not suit you, then we can find and select a model by your request.

Creating content for Sports & Outdoors products like Inflatable Paddle Board is always more expensive than studio content, but our team can do this work cheaper than in other countries, because our region has eternal summer and many wonderful locations for filming

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