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Amazon product photography in China

fashion product photography in china studio
fashion product photography in china studio

Amazon product photography. For all those who have already started selling on Amazon. It is well known that high-quality product photos are very important for good sales.

This is why  e-commerce product photography in China is one of the main things for successful Amazon business. You can add up to 9 photos to the listing, but it is better to publish multiple images and one video.

An important requirement, the main picture must be a real photo on a white background. It is also important to have pictures with product features and real lifestyle photos that help to improve sales by 80%.

We have been creating Amazon product photography and videography for amazon sellers for many years. Several years ago we opened our new photo studio based in China. We make product photos on a white background. Lifestyle photos with Western models. And professional lifestyle videography.

Product photography for amazon in China is also a very useful tool for those who want to start their business on Amazon ASAP. Any package from your supplier comes to our studio within three days from anywhere in China. We can make photo and video content within 3-5 days after receiving in our studio. Therefore, you can create a listing on Amazon and start promoting it before your product arrives at your warehouse. This is very important for trending products. We have many lifestyle locations at our disposal. We make content in the bedroom and kitchen product photography in china

You can start selling more and faster if you take care of creating quality product photos in China with our team.

Request a quote so we can understand your needs and give you an accurate price for content creation. Or calculate the cost yourself using a calculator.

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