Fashion photography with models in China -

Fashion photography china
Fashion photography china

Fashion clothing photography with western models in China

If you sell clothes in your online store. Then you know how important it is to constantly update the product catalog. New products are always new fashion photography with models for the product catalog.

Our studio will be happy to help you solve this problem. We create professional fashion photos for clothing catalogs with western models in china.

We have a bright photo studio with all the necessary equipment. Models and experienced fashion photographers.

Our team can also help you create lifestyle photos and videos for your product catalog. Because everyone knows that now the main selling content is lifestyle photography in a real setting.

The cost of shooting with models depends on the number of products and number of variations of each product. Number of models for one photo session. Also, the price may include steaming of product. Cleaning it from dust. Altering long sleeves or other details of clothing. The more products we shoot in one photo session, the cheaper each photo will be. For regular wholesale customers we have special very pleasant prices.

We have regular models in the studio who constantly work on our projects. Therefore, we do not need to book models a month in advance. If our models do not suit you, then we can provide lists of models from other agencies upon request.


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Fashion photography in China

In the modern world of fashion photography, popularity is constantly growing. But in the process of taking photos with fashion models in China, there are some problems. For example, in China there are no models with a western look. And since Western fashion and the production of high-quality fashion photography have reached quite high levels. Then the demand for western-looking models in China is growing.

To solve this problem. China began to attract models with a Western look for photo shoots in the field of fashion photography and product photography.  This has been a big benefit for China and for models as they become part of this vibrant and promising fashion world. At present, China is one of the leading fashion and model photography production markets. Making it an ideal location for shooting with fashion models.