Furniture photography China - Product photo and video in China

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Training Stool for Toddlers
Training Stool for Toddlers

There is a problem for many sellers on Amazon to take professional furniture photography of their products that they ship from China. Especially for furniture and large goods sellers.  Many of our clients have experienced this problem first hand. Because most of the photo studios in China are small businesses with a very small office. Chinese photographers are often unable to shoot a large product. So they do not undertake to make such orders or do it poorly using outdoor space for shooting.

We have found a solution for our clients who looking for furniture photography and now our studio has a special room for assembling and storing large-sized items. And also the photo studio itself is equipped with everything necessary to shoot high-quality pictures of furniture and bulky goods.

Why do most sellers prefer to make furniture photography in China? Why don’t they do it in their own country? Very simple, furniture is an expensive product to deliver. And also delivery a sample to your country may take months or more. Many types of furniture cannot be sent by express air delivery. Delivery of large parcels from your factory to our studio takes 3-5 days. No matter what city the product is located in.

We do unpacking, assembly, product quality assessment and professional product photography. With us, you can test your product and decide whether to launch it on sale or find another factory.

Book your shoot now to save time and start selling your product on Amazon ASAP.

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