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Lifestyle product photography is a popular type of photography that combines the creativity and uniqueness of the product. Lifestyle product photography is a type of photography that is used to showcase products in use, creating a mood and feel around the product. Thanks for lifestyle, the buyer can see real people using the product and it does not look like a cheap fake. It is a great marketing tool that presents products in a relatable, personal way.

In China, lifestyle product photography is very popular for products such as fashion items, skincare, food and beverages, and home decor. This type of photography is often used on e-commerce platforms such as JD com or Alibaba to display products in a creative and appealing way to potential customers. When it comes to lifestyle product photography in China, a good balance between the product and the lifestyle aspect is important.  

The main problem in China is that product produced for the Western market need to be advertised with Western models, and there are not so many of them in China. Therefore, the cost of creating such content in China is much higher than in Western countries. Chinese studios and photographers have to find for Western models and arrange shooting with them.
Because of this, there are additional costs for model agents and translators. That is why you should go to the product photography studios, which are managed by foreign companies in China, which have their own models, photographers and studio.

That’s why our product photography services with models in China will be much cheaper and better than other studios in China.

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