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Amazon product videography in China

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Amazon product videography

product videography for amazon brand in china studio with western models

Amazon product videography service in China. Anyone who already sells on Amazon knows that  promo videos helps to increase customer confidence in your product. Thanks to the video, you can better show your product to a potential buyer. And also show the process of use in real life. Product containing photos and videos always sells better.

Recommended video length for Amazon is 30-45 seconds. During this time, you need to show the product from all sides. Show its main features. The process of use. And also show the emotions of the person who uses your product.

Our team provides amazon product videography services with Western models in China. Our studio is located on the tropical Hainan island in South China. We have many beautiful locations for product filming.

Packages from your supplier in China arrives to our studio within 3 days from anywhere in China. We can make photo and video content within 3-5 days. You can create a listing on Amazon. And start promoting it before your product arrives to your warehouse. This is very important for trending products.

You can start selling more and faster if you take care of creating a quality amazon product video ads in China.

Request a quote so we can understand your needs and give you an accurate price for content creation.

product video in china with western model
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